Nebraska Online Notary Public Act, Nebraska Online Notary Public Act How it Helps & How it Doesn’t, Abrahams Kaslow & Cassman LLP | Attorneys at Law

By Andrew P. Deaver

On April 1, 2020, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts immediately effected Nebraska’s Online Notary Public Act (“Act”). The Act allows for an online notary public to electronically notarize most documents without being in the actual, physical presence of the person whose signature is being notarized. This new means of notarization allows businesses and individuals greater flexibility as they adjust to operating in an environment complicated by social and physical distancing concerns.

However, the Act does not apply to the execution and notarization of wills, codicils, and testamentary trusts. The execution of these documents must still be notarized via the traditional, in-person practice. At this point in time, the present public health situation does not remove the legal necessity of a notary public being in the actual, physical presence of a person executing his or her will, codicil, or testamentary trust.

Abrahams Kaslow & Cassman LLP continues to serve our clients in these uncertain times. The firm is actively taking steps to register certain of its members as Online Notary Publics. The firm is continuing to work with our clients to accomplish traditional, in-person will, codicil, and testamentary trust executions and notarizations, while vigilantly following ever-changing best-practice safety guidelines. Even with everything that is going on, moving forward in business and life never stops. Just as it has since 1944, AKC Law is here to help.