We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the appellate process

For lawsuits that go to trial, there is almost always a winner and a loser. Most clients who lose at trial accept the judgment of the trial court. But those who lose and believe the trial judge or jury made a serious legal mistake have the right to “appeal” or have the judgment reviewed by a higher court.

The process of appealing a decision (the “appellate” process) is designed to ensure that the law was applied correctly and a fair trial occurred. Our attorneys can evaluate your case both to uncover errors of law and ensure the proper procedures were followed. It is important to hire a lawyer with the requisite knowledge of the appellate process and the rules of appellate procedure, as the process is complex and unfamiliar to many trial lawyers. Our appellate lawyers are skilled problem solvers, superb writers, and accomplished oral advocates who have successfully handled complex appeals before:

  • The Court of Appeals
  • The Nebraska Supreme Court
  • The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

We take a team approach to your case. The trial attorneys at AKC Law work hand in hand with our appellate attorneys to guide you through the complex appellate process.

AKC Law can handle every aspect of your appeal from the initial filing of the notice of appeal to its conclusion.

Appellate Attorneys

Robert M. Schartz

Robert M.

Appellate Law, Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense, Med-Mal Defense, Personal Injury, Probate Litigation
Julie M. Ryan

Julie M.

Appellate Law, Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Insurance Defense, Med-Mal Defense