, AKC Law Clerk Callie Pancoe Named to Nebraska Law Review, Abrahams Kaslow & Cassman LLP | Attorneys at Law

Our Summer Law Clerk, Callie Pancoe, was recently named as a Candidate Member of the Nebraska Law Review!

Membership on the Nebraska Law Review is often regarded as one of the highest honors achievable in law school. Membership is divided into two levels: full membership and candidate membership. Candidate members are those members who have accepted an invitation from the Nebraska Law Review to be candidate members after ranking in the top ten-percent of their class (“grade-on candidates”) or those who have been selected for membership by Nebraska Law Review members based on their performance in an annual writing competition (“write-on candidates”).

To become full members, candidates must complete two requirements. First, candidates must satisfactorily complete all “spading” assignments. Spading involves checking the accuracy of the text and footnotes of articles scheduled for publication in the Nebraska Law Review. Satisfactory completion of spading includes accuracy and thoroughness as well as completing all assignments by the deadline.

The second requirement for achieving full membership is the “writing requirement.” To fulfill this requirement, each candidate member must submit an article suitable for publication in the Nebraska Law Review to the Executive Board of Editors. The article is called a case note and generally analyzes a single case or statute. Each candidate member is guided through the writing process by an assigned case note mentor who is a full member.

The mission of the Nebraska Law Review is to cultivate legal education and scholarship in Nebraska by focusing on law in Nebraska and the Eighth Circuit, to be a source of legal updates for Nebraska and Eighth Circuit practitioners, and to foster communication across the various segments of the legal community.