Efficient and Effective Nebraska Mediation Attorneys

Mediation Gives You Options That Can Save Time and Money

We have a well-respected, long-standing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice. ADR refers to a variety of methods for resolving disputes between parties without resorting to costly and often time-consuming litigation.

ADR can be used for a variety of reasons, call our office to see if ADR may work for you. Phone: 1-402-392-1250. Click here to e-mail attorney Aaron D. Weiner.

Mediation and Arbitration: Your Alternatives to Litigation

It is our experience that some controversies may be more effectively and peacefully resolved through arbitration or mediation. Virtually every type of dispute that can be litigated can also employ ADR methods. Our attorneys have used mediation and arbitration to successfully resolve disputes in business , insurance, labor relations, environmental, public policy, securities, technology, employment and international trade matters.

Our attorneys have served as arbitrators and mediators for the New York Stock Exchange and the United States American Arbitration Association, Inc. Call: 1- 402-392-1250.  Click here to e-mail attorney Aaron D. Weiner.

Alternatives to traditional litigation may provide for more effective resolution of controversies.

We provide:

  • Settlement counsel, which includes planning settlement strategies, evaluating risks, providing second opinions on trial risks and benefits, integrating client participation and reaching settlement decisions.
  • Advice on the use of ADR provisions in contracts
  • Broad experience as mediators
  • Arbitration representation, both "administered" and ad hoc
  • Design and implementation of intra-organizational dispute resolution systems including employer-employee disputes.

Please call us to determine the best method for resolving your dispute without traditional litigation. Call 1-402-392-1250 or you may e-mail Aaron D. Weiner.